Production Services

Finding the right production assistance is key to successful film production in Kazakhstan. Local facilities and crew are quite limited, making local connections even more important. However, our local Almaty or Astana fixer ensures that you have the right film permit, equipment rental, and everything else you need for an unforgettable experience.

Kazakhstan production services

Production Assistance in Kazakhstan

Production assistance in Kazakhstan is something that you want to arrange beforehand. This is because the local film industry is very limited. Aside from basic crew and equipment, much has to come from abroad.

So take a look at what Fixer Kazakhstan can do for you:

  • Initial research & fact-checking
  • Film permits, paperwork & local access
  • Gear rental offers
  • Customs clearance
  • Film location scouting
  • Film crew & local contributors sourcing
  • Logistics, including transportation & accommodation
  • Production support for foreign journalists & filmmakers

Kazakhstan as a filming location is quite a bold choice for a production company. Even though notable productions have been filmed here, creating success is not a simple matter. A lot of planning, negotiating and scouting has gone into the big productions such as Borat (2006) and Baikonur (2011). You need a local partner that will help you tap into the potential of this vast country.

That is why we offer our production assistance in Kazakhstan. Get in touch with us for more details.