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Fixer Kazakhstan is your partner for incredible film production in the world’s largest landlocked country. Explore the rugged steppes, majestic mountain ranges, and hypnotic desert of Kazakhstan. Travel to ancient cities and imagine the taxing trek along the Silk Road. From Astana to Almaty and beyond – we got you covered.

Production fixer in Kazakhstan

For every type of film scenario, our location manager can find a true gem. In a country where one usually boards a flight to the next big city, you need someone that already knows where to look. Let us create a more efficient schedule for filming in Kazakhstan, without compromising on content.

When you work with Fixer Kazakhstan you know that things are handled right. We work with a local team that knows what international film crews come for. We take care of the paperwork and logistics, including film permits, accommodation, and support crew.

Trust in us for your preproduction research and planning. We work with a knowledgeable journalist fixer that knows where to find the right story for your vision. A culmination of both Western and Eastern cultures, there is no shortage of fables and memorable tales.

Whether you are creating a brand video, news clip, or short film, we are on board. Find out why The World Is Not Enough (1999), Marco Polo (2014-2016), and Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007) chose to film here. Filming in Kazakhstan yourself will finally show you if there is any truth behind the satirical comedy, Borat (2006).

Working With A Production Fixer In Kazakhstan

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Working with a film fixer in Kazakhstan helps you explore this vast country within your planned time and budget. Time is one of the most valuable resources when filming in Kazakhstan because of how its iconic sights are scattered sparsely. 

Want to witness the contrast of Nur-Sultan’s ultra-modern architecture and the ancient city of Shymkent in the same itinerary? Then you have to plan in at least 24 hours for travel time. Now, imagine what this means for finding local production assistance. Don’t worry, Fixer Kazakhstan understands the importance of scheduling and planning with overseas productions. Let us handle the complex organization.

When you work with Fixer Kazakhstan you get to focus on the creative aspects of your production. We have a local team on the ground ensuring your crew gets all the support they need. Filming in Kazakhstan could not be easier.

The film industry of Kazakhstan is still quite limited. This means that key crew and special film gear will need to be brought in from abroad. Provide our film fixer in Kazakhstan with as much detail as possible so we can inform you of what can and cannot be found locally. We will take charge of clearing customs for bringing in film equipment and the necessary paperwork for the crew.

Fixer Kazakhstan offers a wide range of services to foreign film crews. We rely on trustworthy fixers that know how to bridge the gap between local customs and international professionals.

Filming In Kazakhstan With Us

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Prepare yourself for an eye-opening experience filming in Kazakhstan. This land-locked country has been passed over plenty but Fixer Kazakhstan shows you how much it has to offer.

Kazakhstan is where east and west meet. The Silk Road passed through the southern regions. Follow the steps of Genghis Khan along ancient cities, deep deserts, and marvelous mountains. Our location scout manager takes you to the structures that mark this historical trading route.

Explore the endless steppes where Kazakh traditions are still kept alive. Witness the influence of Russian rule, including the fascinating Baikonur Cosmodrome. Wonder at the ancient Buddhist canyon painting, an unexpected surprise near Almaty.

With our production assistance, you can bring your vision to life. We are one message away with any help you may need. From applying for film permits, hiring crew, and booking locations in pre-production to the admin and logistics once you land. Our job is to make your film production run as smoothly as possible.

When working with Fixer Kazakhstan you meet both the professional and personal side of us. We work hard to find the best filming locations, crew, and talent but we also know where to find the memorable bars and local cuisines. Our fixers are your go-to person for both on and off the clock.

We offer you an honest and open look into what makes Kazakhstan unique. Tell us about your curiosities and we will provide you with first-hand experience. Let’s explore Kazakh stories together.

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