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Kazakhstan filming locations are incredibly varied which is no surprise for such a large landmass. Most of its ethnically Russian population lives in the northern regions. However, to the south is the wide expanse of the Kazakh Desert where the mystical Silk Road runs through. 

Consult our location scout on the most cinematic places including impressive steppes, snowy mountains, ancient cities, and quirky modern architecture. Give us a list of the type of locations you are looking for and we will get to work. Below are examples of filming locations we can acquire film permits for.

Kazakhstan Filming Locations – Nur-Sultan

Kazakhstani North is where you find the capital, Nur-Sultan, formerly known as Astana. Filming in Nur-Sultan gives you a glimpse into the past life under Soviet rule and how this Central Asian country is moving forward in the modern-day. 

The newly renamed capital is testing the moniker of Singapore of the steppe, referring to its futuristic tall buildings. This is where you find many iconic Kazakhstan filming locations such as the Bayterek Monument, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, and Khan Shatyr.

Although Nur-Sultan is the political capital, this is not where you pick up your film permits. The Film Commission for Central Asia is based over 1000 kilometers away in Almaty. However, Nur-Sultan is most likely where your flight will land. Subsequently, our fixer will ensure that you are taken care of from the moment of arrival. It is all part of the production assistance that we offer.

Kazakhstan filming locations nur sultan

Kazakhstan Filming Locations – Kazakh Desert

One of the most popular Kazakhstan filming locations is the Kazakh Desert in the southern regions. This is where you go for any documentary or film production related to the legendary Silk Road.

The most notable stretch of desert starts in Turkestan in the west running to Altyn Emel National Park in the east. The best gems when filming in the Kazakh Desert are the Buddhist canyon rock paintings at Tamgaly Tas, the Singing Sands of Basshi, and the Valley of Castles in Charyn Canyon National Park.

After getting the film permits in Kazakhstan in Almaty, you should travel west to Turkestan and Shymkent. Here you can visit ancient cities and sights like the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides revisiting history, Kazakhstan filming locations let you experience unique wildlife. As a result, you can spot Central Asian gazelles and Turkmenian Kulan near the volcanoes of the Katutau Mountains. 

Kazakhstan filming locations kazakh desert

Kazakhstan Filming Locations – Almaty

Almaty is the most buzzing city of Kazakhstan filming locations. This is where most of our team, location scout manager and fixers, are based. As it is the former capital, it is possible to book a direct flight to Almaty, without going through Nur-Sultan.

Get ready to look up because height is an important feature of the Almaty landscape. Built against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, the city’s highest point Tobe Mountain, is just a few minute’s drive away. Another tall sight is one of the world’s largest wooden structures, Zenkov Cathedral.

Simply staying in the Almaty region already makes the film permits worth it. It is the perfect base for you and your production company to explore the many facets of Kazakhstan. The area is a concentration of ancient history, modern history, futuristic architecture, and regular everyday Kazakh life.

film permits kazakhstan almaty

Kazakhstan Filming Locations – Akmola

Many associate Kazakhstan filming locations with wild steppes which is the main reason to film in Akmola province. Located in the Kazakhstani North, this is where you find Korghalzyn Nature Reserve and the wonderful bird sanctuary, Lake Tengiz.

This area is also known for preserving Kazakh traditions such as eagle hunting. Of course, our film fixer in Kazakhstan can arrange for the right film permits for filming in these nature reserves. However, do note that drone filming is generally not allowed.

For a darker side of history, you can consider visiting the Akmola Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland, one of the largest former Soviet prisons.

The provincial capital of Akmola is Kokshetau but the nation’s capital Nur-Sultan is not too far away. Consult our location scout manager for any questions you might have about filming in urban areas. 

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